Boeing strike: will all 700 workers lose their jobs? According to one of the many striking workers unhappy with the unions actions at the Boeing site in Port Melbourne, American contractors were told to pack their bags yesterday and head for the US – the suspicion is that Boeing is planning to close down their Port Melbourne site. The workers have been on strike for over two weeks and no-one except the union negotiators are getting paid. Other workers from other companies are already orgnising handouts and it’s claimed that many of the 700 workers want to cross the picket line but are unable due to union pressure.

Mercifully, readers of The Sydney Morning Herald’s magazine Good Weekend have been spared a profile of Belinda Neal, recently elected federal MP for Robertson and wife of NSW Education Minister John Della Bosca. The project has been axed, canned, spiked. Almost everyone interviewed for the feature article had a “war story” to tell. Widely known as “Typhoon” Belinda because she’s worse than a cyclone, the anecdotes went into excruciating detail of the political career of the NSW ALP’s leading diva. However, most of the controversies have already been widely aired in the media, which convinced GE editor Judith Whelan and reporter Jane Cadzow to put the article to rest. An inconsolable Neal should perhaps turn her attention to either Dancing With The Stars, It Takes Two or Big Brother.

Octaviar (nee MFS) also has a box in the top suites at Skilled Park at Robina. Not sure how much corporate goodwill they can raise on the Coast at the moment with that….

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What’s happening at Foxtel? Last weekend the entire pay-per-view movie offering was unavailable for the whole two days. At $5.95 a pop, that’s a lot of missed revenue.

So, if one of the aims of the 2020 summit was to have Australia’s top thinkers raising new ideas that the Government may not have already considered, why was the office of the Minister of the Arts calling a number of the major arts organisations, a week prior to the summit, to discuss the Government’s desired outcomes and recommendations? Was it a case of new ideas were only welcome if they were in line with Labor policy?

Re. “C-rnal camera! Tax sleuths seize CCTV from brothels“. Enough screwing with the broth-ls. What about boring old restaurants? Rule of thumb is for a third of cash takings to never even make the till.

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