The Costello memoirs:

David Havyatt writes: Re. "Maybe this will be the book that gives Costello a spine" (yesterday, item 1). So Peter Costello has "beaten" John Howard to choose a publisher for his memoirs - a battle he only won because I don’t think Howard was contesting it. As Costello knew any head-to-head would go the former PM's way. I tried to imagine the task of the editor of the Howard memoirs. I sat through my fair share of Howard speeches and could never understand the zeal of the audience for them. The fact he spoke without notes seemed to everyone else to make up for his unfortunate tendency to speak in sentences that never ended. They were just a seemingly directionless collection of phrases plucked together to in a stream of consciousness that would have done James Joyce proud. Presumably he would write differently, but it is hard to imagine there being any colour in the expression or originality in the phrases. Mind you Costello might be not much better, though he was able to construct new analogies and word pictures. The only remaining question is how you write a smirk!