You can just imagine the high-pitched screeching in one of those feral 2GB editorials. It might read something like this:

This Opes Prime collapse is an absolute disgrace. Genuine battlers from Struggle Street who have done absolutely nothing wrong will only get 30c in the dollar - and all because the directors protected their favourite clients. But it gets worse. The biggest client of them all, that big-talking Sydney criminal lawyer Chris Murphy, was actually in business with these dodgy Opes directors. Talk about conflict of interest. They were madly punting on the sharemarket with borrowed funds and absolutely no controls. Murphy was even gifted a free Maserati and he's still out there gloating that he traded $4 billion worth of Telstra in a two year period. This bloke was clearly the biggest day trader in Australia, but now all this frenetic paper shuffling - it really is nothing more than straight out gambling - has caused one of Australia's worst financial collapses. It really is time we had a full public inquiry into the Opes collapse and Murphy should be the first witness called.