Apr 15, 2008

My Wall Street Journal: We distort. You decide

A parody of The Wall Street Journal on US newsstands this week to mark the April 15 tax deadline dubbed 'My Wall Street Journal' has pissed off News Corp executives so much that Wall Street Journal reps are running around town buying up copies to prevent people from seeing them.


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4 thoughts on “My Wall Street Journal: We distort. You decide

  1. Kevin Charles Herbert

    I’d always given Fox News the banner:

    We Distort…You Deride

    It got a laugh at my place

  2. Venise Alstergren

    If his megalomania wasn’t becoming so tragic he could become a laughter relief for the world. Steve Martin: you should have seen Murdoch when he was impressing Wendi Deng, for want of a better way of putting it. He dyed his hair a sort of butternut-pumpkin shade. Awfulness squared. He’s becoming more and more like Conrad Black with infinitely more money.

  3. steve martin

    Murdoch sounds more like a South African than an ex-Australian. For a while Murdoch was sporting a parody of an American accent after his re-birth as a US citizen, though that appears to be modified now.

  4. Mmm

    Looks like the Yes Men? They really know how to research their stuff.

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