Due to a formatting error, the photo of the Government’s Consultancy Group on the Arts, Canberra Meeting (Easter 2008), was sent without the accompanying names of personnel. We apologise for the problem and here are the names:

Back row l to r: Kyra Scuro, Nat Gal, Archie Baldprize, Hyden O A Lottaboutart, Bert I Know, Watt I Lark, Sal Stalk, Fleur Ting, Takis Details, Cy Nimmup, Che Korsavings.

Second back row: Oona Swottitiz, I Don Geddit, Hyden O’Howie-Dussett, Leif Smeecold, Pandit N Myreview, Ezaz Dulles-Buggery, M Pozder, Lotta Krapp, Travis Tee, E Karndraw, Grant Funding, Iva Fullhouse, U Jarse, Ry Tersblok, Pru Freeda, Char Denfroid, Marion A Thirdtime, Ken Ivergo, Carrie O’Key.

Third row: Phil Theerackett, Ivor Taxproblem, Carmen C Sumart, Don Worry, S Nottart, Saul Money, Val U Sbogus, Bea Advised, Getta Collection, Philippa Portfolio, Len Ditback, Walter Wallnolans, Anda Fewstreetons, Lotta Dotpaintings, Chuck A Fewbobatit, Eva Millin, Carla Dafoundation, Bill Dittup, U Payne O’Tax, Leisl Ottervit, Cilla Whiteley, Witak Half, Wodja Rekyn, Thomas D Tankengine,.

Front row: Luka D Fundingbodies, Des D Problem, Fuller Buffoons, Etza Jackup, Ewen Thistime, Olwyn Nextime, Abbie Seaboard, Kaysin Point, Imogen A Worsbord, Howard Stooges, Art Hayters, Arch Enemy, Phyllis Stein, Ruth Lescow, Amor Ronn, Ade Umbum, Evan Dummerbum, Yeta Dummerbum, Shirley Dummestbum, Perry Stalsis.