Meanwhile, John Howard will be taking a break in his hectic American speaking schedule to drop in to his farewell party. (click to enlarge image )

Writes one Crikey reader:

Just sighted the invitation to the John Howard Tribute Dinner to “…acknowledge the outstanding contribution he made to Australia and to the Liberal party over the last 34 years.”

Is that like… trawling around the US bad mouthing Australia to any right wing think tank that will cough up a vase?

Is that like … leaving the party as a broken wreck with no succession plan with a former ALP member as its leader? …

The deal is bargain basement in terms of political dinners these days. The price is only $250 a head and it’s at… not the Westin , not the Wentworth, not the Four seasons, its at a function centre in Leichhardt. Leichhardt? Is this a mea culpa for trashing our multicultural concept for a decade? Can’t they afford a downtown venue.

Imagine had he retired at the top, even at the end of APEC. This would be $1,000 a head do at the best pub in town … But one thing would have not  changed, namely the MC. The Jones boy of course.