This week the US-based Pew Research Centre released some pretty depressing survey results on the financial future of the media. It also makes for a fascinating preview of the media landscape.

According to a survey of journalists working at national US media outlets, 62% believe their profession “is going in the wrong direction” financially. Half of internet journalists and about the same proportion of local journalists (49%) also took a negative view of the state of their profession.

And those surveyed expressed particular concern about the future of network TV news, with 42% saying they expect nightly news broadcasts to survive for 10 years or less.

Back home, the viewing public was served a snapshot of the grim state of TV news on Monday night. 

Melbourne Nine News’s third top story was a red hot scoop about Endeavour Hills bridesmaids Keelee and Kacie Sanford. Keelee and Kacie were forced to wear tracksuits to their sister Jaymie’s wedding when Noni B bridal Frankston didn’t deliver their dresses on time:

You don’t need the Pew research to know that the future of TV network news doesn’t look so bright.