Behold — Rolling Stone‘s portrayal of Democrat candidate Barack Hussein Jesus Messiah Mohammed Superman Obama:

And The Onion‘s take on said Rolling Stone cover-

Based on their latest cover, here’s a short list of who Rolling Stone thinks Barack Obama is: 



–The totally awesome, glowing, superhero/savior spawn of Jesus and Superman

–The radioactive president of America’s dreams

–A dewy Venus, majestically stepping forth from a serene ocean mist, but, like also a guy who’s running for president.

–The late-90s sitcom character, Teen Angel.

–Not just the president of the ShinySuit 3000 Club For Men, but also a client.

–Zeus for a new age.

–Some kind of space hero, or whatever

–Mr. Cloudo, President of Heaven

Meanwhile, in other news from the campaign trail….

Clinton’s Iraq vote: In supporting Bush, Clinton claimed to be taking a middle path between two extremes – on the one hand, those who believed we should go to war only if the UN Security Council approved it, which she considered absurd, and on the other, those who favored “attacking Saddam Hussein now.” But not even Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld favored an immediate attack at the point the Senate debate occurred — October 2002 – so she was rejecting an argument no one was making. – The Nation

Senator Obama is mistaken: The problem with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the Chicago minister who is the Obama family’s pastor and the subject of recent fierce attacks in the media, is not, as Obama has stated, that “he has a lot of the…baggage of those times,” (those times being the 1960s). The problem is also not, as one paper characterized Obama’s position on his minister, that Wright is stuck in a “time warp,” in a period defined by racial division. No, the problem is that Wright’s opinions are well within the mainstream of those of black America. —  The Root

Bad news day: Barack Obama says he’s a new kind of politician, but, when necessary, he knows how to play by the old unwritten rules. One such rule decrees: Always release bad news on a Friday, when the news audience is arguably the smallest. And so, last Friday, there were two developments. Obama told the Chicago Tribune that, hey, you know what, as a matter of fact, it must have slipped his mind, but his former buddy, the indicted real estate hustler Tony Rezko, actually had raised a lot more money for his political campaigns than he had previously stated. Obama had said that Rezko, prior to being collared by the feds on corruption charges, had raised $150,000 for his first three political races; but late Friday, Obama said it was actually $250,000. – Dick Polman

Joining John in a game: John McCain, who’s looking rather presidential on his swing through Iraq, started with a natural edge among this demographic and seems keen on expanding it. Today his campaign sent out an email that shows some marketing savvy: it asks supporters to sign up and try beating Mr McCain’s picks in the widely followed college basketball playoffs ( At the same site there’s a chance to pick up some “Irish for McCain” gear (well, maybe for next St Patrick’s Day). – The Economist

A fight for freshmen superdelegates: Both campaigns have acknowledged that neither can win without the support of superdelegates, those 795 Democratic Party leaders granted floating votes that they may pledge or switch at a whim. But if the most inexperienced members of Congress are intimidated by the gravity of the situation, they’re certainly not showing it. Despite being wooed heavily by both the Obama and Clinton camps, nearly half of the 40 House members and six of the eight Senators are still undecided. Some may still be holding out for promises, some are just slow in the deliberative process and some have made a firm choice to not decide yet at all. –Time

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