BLOGWATCH: Bear Stearns catastrophe

  • Sell Bear Stearns shares? Hell no, said CNBC’s expert: Money Blue Book
    This is so classic. On March 11, 2008, this financial commentary by “financial guru” Jim Cramer was featured on his popular Mad Money television show on CNBC. The customary Cramer angry rant was made in response to a call and write-in question about the serious viability and liquidity concerns regarding Bear Stearns
    … [See below for Cramer’s rant in living colour — it’s our Video of the Day]. 
  • Was Bear Stearns the sacrificial lamb? Kudlow’s Money Politic$
    Did Bear Stearns really need to go down in flames? It’s a question that needs to be asked, and my answer is no.
  • Bear Stearns and the biology of hope: Gregory S Berns, Psychology Today
  • Next up, legal claims from investors: Moderate Observer


  • Japan buys out of emissions trouble: The Yomiuri Shimbun
    The Japanese and Polish governments have reached a basic agreement under which the Japan will purchase a portion of Poland’s greenhouse gas emission quotas, it was learned Monday. It will be the Japanese government’s second agreement on emissions trading following an agreement Tokyo signed with Budapest last year to purchase a portion of Hungary’s emission quotas.
  • The human storm. Hurricanes and the climate change link: CNN International
  • Growing tomatoes on air? Get your indoor gardening advice here: Treehugger
  • How to eat green on the cheap: San Francisco Chronicle


  • On the ground in Lhasa: The Economist
    The road around the temple, normally packed with pilgrims spinning their prayer wheels and murmuring prayers, is now nearly empty. At one point those trying to walk around it—an act of piety—were required to walk through a column of gun and baton-toting troops, one by one, and present their identity cards. Your correspondent saw several turned away—usually, it appeared, pilgrims from out of town—before the circuit was blocked to all. The pious had no choice but to turn back, retracing their steps around the temple in an anti-clockwise direction (to Tibetans unholy).

  • Forget the $52m payout, what was Heather Mills wearing? Gofugyourself
    I suppose it’s only fitting that, after a horrendous, vitriolic, Wild-West-shootout of a split with Paul McCartney, Heather Mills would show up to finalize her divorce proceedings today in something a rodeo clown might wear to a job interview.

  • Eliot Spitzer, world class hypocrite: David Usborne, The Independent
    Fathoming the mysteries of other people’s marriages is a fool’s game. But we are surely entitled to try to understand what cranial short-circuits occur in people of power to drive them to such jaw-dropping recklessness. We are compelled to, in fact, first because it happens so often and second because with Spitzer the ironies and the wild hypocrisies are too gob-smacking to ignore.

  • Giant Cherry Ripe! Massive Creme Eggs! All your favourite snacks upsized at Pimp That Snack


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