Our celebratory photograph of the Rudd Government was sent out without the names of the party members. We apologise for this over-sight. The names are as follows:

Back Row (l to r): Wendy Musicstops, Raisya Hand, Ven I Sayso, Elsie Belcher, Alby Overthere, Enoch Syabrainsout, Iman D Otherguy, Bran Schtackers, Norrie Smate, Saul Organised, Marcus Absent, Hugh D Blazes, Neva Herdovim, Howard E Gettin, Ford E Ceasedblokes, Shoab Hands, Carrie-Di Think, Wade A Minnot, Ivan Othervote, Coz I Sayso, A Partyhack, Igor Tatikit, Andy Wonachook.

Second Row: H Ofaquarius, Carol Singers, Eesa Nong, Sheesa Nidiot, Des A Newface, Keena Smustard, Truby Leaver, Leyton D Hill, Alison Wonderland, G Ullible, Austin Space, Stella Liability, Lou Nattic, N Vironment, Walter Levels, Barry Metricpressure, Sol R Panels, Wyn Power.

Third Row: Owen Goal, Y D Getcaught, Sally Bastard, Lesley Vimalone, Wanda Quickone, Y Knott, Ty Won On, Helen Highwater, Arthur F-cksake, Pa Kennywhere, Justin D Meantime, Bill Dersinch, Dave Scompoclaim, Wolf Whistle, Nye Stitz, Gray Tarselove, Alec Tricklefault, Galvin I Zion, Ari Mindercall,

Second Front Row: Weaver Problem, Richard A Faulkner-Rhode, Kim Slostafew, Mark Smad, Simon Zopeless, Paul Mustafa Liedown, Bobsworth A Fortune, Gough Samillion, Olive Ago, Ussad That, Idid Sezkev. Olaf Yathensezkim, O K DeLine-Strawn, Nomor Betz, N D Event, Kevin Shattertin, Julia Swithim, Kim Scone, Roald N Cabinet. Saul Over.

Front Row: Percy Verance, C Naround, Aaron There, Perry Patetic, Glad Handing, Makin Speeches, Paul Ittleshit, Sidney Push, Jock Strapp, Dick Pullers, Yvonne A Loudshirt, Pira Learypants, Ivor Comb-Over, Matt Finish, Les Havabeer, N Treeg, Y Tanting, N Uendo, E Winsome-Support, Harry Alongplease, S Time.