A healthy West Australian is a happy West Australian. WA Newspapers, publishers of The West Australian, have internally been promoting their Summer Health and Wellbeing program. The following memo, supplied to Crikey from an anonymous tipster, is from the WA News Group and was sent to all its minions:

This week’s Healthy Living Information Session topic is:

“It’s not my fault … or is it?”

  • The fundamental mindset that determines whether a person attributes their emotional reactions such as blame, guilt, anger, depression etc. to external events and people or to their own internal thoughts, beliefs & habits.
  • Includes strategies and techniques to improve the health and well being of people emotionally

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.



Our tipster is wondering if the WAN board will be attending. And that, “the WAN Summer Health and Wellbeing program was brought in a few months back for all staff who care to participate (and pay the session fees). The program also includes laminated signs in all of the staff toilets with a colour chart (emblazoned with the WAN logo) to check your urine colour against and see if you are well hydrated, dehydrated or severely dehydrated.”

How times have changed. A repeat episode of Play School aired yesterday afternoon introduced a family made of wooden spoons who live in a cardboard box and go by the names, John, Jeanette, Melanie and Richard. The episode originally aired in June last year —  presumably the cardboard box is now slightly less palatial and located in an outer suburb of Sydney:

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: A dozen programs in the million viewer club, dominated by Seven. Nine finished third, repeating 2007 when Tuesdays was its weakest night of the week. Seven News was tops with 1.405 million viewers, with Today Tonight second with 1.327 million and Ten’s fine little observational doco, Bondi Rescue at 8pm third with 1.315 million. Seven’s It takes Two averaged 1.253 million from 7.30pm to 9.15pm and All Saints straight after averaged 1.174 million. Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA on Nine at 8.30pm, averaged 1.163 million. Nine News was next with 1.160 million and A Current Affair was 9th with 1.143 million (will moving it to Melbourne because Tracy Grimshaw is going home really save her and it?). Ten’s The Biggest Loser averaged 1.109 million, the 7pm ABC news averaged 1.079 million and Women’s Murder Club on Ten at 8.30pm averaged 1.032 million.

The Losers: Losers? Where to start? At 7.30pm on Nine, Moment of Truth. A horrible, nasty program: 884,000 viewers and 4th. Even The 7.30 Report at 7.30pm beat it easily. Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA: 1.163 million from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. Not a loser but its flanked by losers either side because at 9.30pm the Terminator clone, The Sarah Connor Chronicles bombed badly, down to 661,000. Two And A Half Men at 7pm, 906,000. Is Two And A Half Men or Moment of Truth as bad as each other? No because Charlie Sheen can at least act! Jennifer Byrne Presents Crime at 10pm on the ABC, 359,000. Whodunit?

News & CA: Seven news won everywhere bar Melbourne, Today Tonight won everywhere bar Melbourne and Brisbane. Nine News and ACA fell below 300,000 in Sydney on a Tuesday night! If shifting ACA to Melbourne because Tracy Grimshaw wants to go home after selling her Sydney property, will Nine move her and it to Brisbane if that doesn’t work out because that’s its second best market in the country? I thought it was a national show. Ten News At Five averaged 816,000. The Late News/Sports Tonight 442,000. The 7.30 Report, 911,000 and a nice scalp. Lateline, 229,000; Lateline Business, 92,000. World News Australia on SBS at 6.30pm, 158,000, at 9.30pm, 195,000, Insight on SBS, 300,000 (and more watchable than Moment of Truth on Nine). 7am Sunrise, 397,000, 7am Today, up to 306,000 and less than 100,000 behind!

The Stats: No cricket and it was back to normal, but probably not as normal as Nine would have wanted. Seven won the 6pm to 12 midnight metro battle with 31.3% (26.9% a week ago) from Ten with 24.7% (20.7%) and Nine with 23.6% (35.9%). The ABC was on 15.6% (12.1%) and SBS was on 5.5% (4.4%). Seven won all five metro markets. Seven now leads the week, 29.1% to 26.8%. In regional areas a win for Prime/7Qld with 33.3% from Southern Cross (Ten) with 23.3%, WIN/NBN with 22.1%, the ABC with 15.0% and SBS on 6.3%. In the 6pm to 10.30pm slots Fusion says Seven won with 26.32% (down from 32.40% a year ago), Nine was off a touch at 20.15% (20.30%), Ten was on 20.24% (20.32%), Pay TV was up 23% to 15.05% (11.84%), the ABC was on 12.321% (12.49%) and SBS was on 4.57% (3.66%).

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Does the Nine Network have a blind spot or a death wish? How else can you explain Moment of Truth (884,000) last night at 7.30pm. S-x ladened questions of the most intrusive and voyeuristic kind. Who authorised the program at Nine? David Gyngell and or Michael Healy. 7.30pm is prime time family viewing and Nine put this load of tripe on. Is it interesting to watch people (even if they are silly Americans) answer highly personal questions in front of partners and friends? Where’s the “entertainment value” in that? It disappeared with the failure of Seven’s The Weakest Link (Which Seven is trying to re-invent). After Monster House, Burke’s Backyard, Nine are heading for a repeat of 2007. Adding to that was the absolute collapse in the size of the audience for the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, another highly hyped program from Nine. Nine used the cricket last Tuesday night to rest it and others. Last night it was shuffled to 9.30pm (661,000 viewers). Third overall. Will The Chopping Block finally succumb to its inertia tonight and lost share? Nine’s owners, CVC, must be fretting. One success: Underbelly, and all these failures. It’s costly being in network TV even in backward Australia. Tonight: Underbelly, House, Spicks and Specks and Lewis. And at 7.30pm Seven has Animal Rescue, the kind of program Nine should have in the 7.30pm Tuesday slot. No, Nine is putting its George Parker hosted clone into the Sunday evening slot at 6.30pm.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks, Fusion Strategy reports