BLOGWATCH: The Pakistan situation, day two

  • UN condemns latest bombings: NewsBlaze
    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced his shock and sadness at learning of this morning’s twin suicide bombings in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore that have killed more than two dozen people and injured scores of others.
  • Blast near our book centre: “Open wide the doors to Christ”
  • The third attack in a day: ThreatsWatch.Org
  • A chronology of recent violence in Pakistan: Long Live Pakistan
  • Progress in other areas: Chachaji’s blog
    Pakistan has been making a concerted effort to join the Knowledge Economy. In all the saturation coverage of its law-and-order and terrorism problems, its democratic deficit and its political machinations, in the world media, this aspect of its development strategy has received pitifully scant (read non-existent) coverage.


  • The climate threat to coast and transport: NYT
    “It’s time for the transportation people to put these things into their thought processes,” Henry G. Schwartz Jr., a member of the National Academy of Engineering and chairman of the panel, said in an interview. The 218-page academy report, “Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation,” was issued Tuesday and is available at … the academy panel called for policy makers to inventory vulnerable facilities — “roads, bridges, marine, air, pipelines, everything,” Dr. Schwartz said — and begin work now on plans to protect, reinforce, move or replace on safer ground.
  • Even the middle class will be affected! Lab Notes, Newsweek
    Memo to everyone who doesn’t care about climate change—you know who you are—because you figure 1) more heat waves? I have A.C.; 2) rising sea levels? I don’t live in Bangladesh, and I have enough money to keep rebuilding the sea walls around my weekend place; 3) more droughts and floods, causing food shortages? I won’t have any problem buying whatever I need. Scientists have identified consequences of climate change that you won’t be able to buy your way out of: the worst airplane delays you can imagine…An estimated 60,000 miles of coastal highways are subject to storm flooding even today, and that will rise as storm intensity and sea levels do. Even better: many of these are the same highways that are supposed to serve as hurricane evacuation routes!

  • Newspaper House (literally): TreeHugger 

  • Roof gardens, a photo gallery: GreenRoofsAustralia


  • The best bits from Spitzer’s favourite website: Josh Levin, Slate
    For its members, Emperors’ Club isn’t a whorehouse. It’s a whorehome—a full-service institution that matches “customers with the … finest concierge luxuries.” … For lovers of song, there’s Emmy , “a fine country and folk musician. Her gifted voice and melodious harmony convey nature’s beautiful appreciation at once. She is comforting … rustic. From the warm-toned autumn leaves to the rising flowers of spring, Emmy casually reminds you to savor every second of our surrounding, abundant beauty. Emmy… be revitalized to triumph.”
  • Murdoch acknowledges ad slowdown: Silicon Alley Insider
  • Pepsi partners with Starbucks to produce … water: AdAge
  • The Facebook of peace: Ha’aretz
  • Map mad: In these times
  • A solution for the denim co-dependent:

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Spitzer + Prostitution = Funny

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