Our celebratory photograph of the Howard Government was sent out without the names of the party members. We apologise for this over-sight. The names are as follows:

Back Row L to R: Iva Problem, R U Serious, Stew Pidclot, Ray Sistprik, Ace X Sistprik, Bill D Jails, Di Vertfunds, C Sprites, Hugh Jex-Spense, Bo Vinetart, Wes Wally, Cy Ng-Kyoto, Donna Bettonitt, O Zonelayer, Saul Krapp, Lye Ng Seezi, A W B N Quiry, Con Pleetfarce, Asho Trial, Gil T Ministers, Willie Lyon-Oath, I Mofta-War, Len Dussa-Quid, R Buggerit, Hugh Briss.

Second Row: Honor D Take, Kenny B Trusted, Haddon Nuff-Kickbacks, N Sidertrader, U Skratchmibak, I Scratchyorse, Avery Richprik, Wanda B Leader, E Promised, I Accepted, S A Dunne-Deale, Nick Perks, Honor Goodwicket, Wi le Dealer, May Kamill, N E X Kuse, Mordy Sembling, Agnes Day, Herb Umlooksbig, Gerry Built, Phil McContract, Issa Good-Deal, Cy Neare, Sol Purpose, Seymour Profits.

Third Row: Watt A de Sasta, Noah Hoper, A Suk, Ann Otherbuffoon, Paul N Swifties, Yeta Biggercrook, Ewan Hoozarmi, Andy Toldporkies, Che Maponyu, Sue Perpayout, Liza Plenty, Y Bother, U Clown, O Deere, Fran Dorfoe, Fay Tallera, Sharon D Blame, Kel Domage, Oliver Redthanks, Neil Down, Ben Dover, George Sezzso,

Fourth Row: Jack Ratezup, Jack Prices, Cilla D Telstra, Cilla D Medibank, Taki Demoni, G Estee, D Unionise, R Cranium, A Bozo, B White, Roger That, I Geddit, Les Pretend, Les Goda-Church, Les B Photographed, Eta Lookagood, Christian Yorjoking, Les Facefacts, Asif Thaddid-Appen, Ms Ogynist, Gay Hayters, Anda Notherthing, Wi Ky Plying.

Front Row: Abe Luddydope, Dougie Zonegrave, Murray Darling Zaddit, Polly C Vacuum, Pru Venliar, Des Honest, Des Graceful, L Eagle, M Oral, E Sednothing, Horrace Abound, Kitson D Tension, Makin A Fortune, N Duppyours. E Lection, Rudi Wakening, Len Slide, A Drubbing, Hank U Linesmen, Hank U Ballboys, Howard Svukdov, Peter Svukdov, Alexander Svukdov, Mark Slobbying, Kevin Zinn.

(Absent: Annie Brains, Annie Guttz, Annie D Sensy, Al Truism, Con Sistenzy)