BLOGWATCH: The Pakistan situation

  • Bonding over Musharraf: Truthdig
    It wasn’t a good Sunday for Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf, as the leaders of Pakistan’s two biggest opposition parties agreed to set aside enough of their differences to form a coalition. Their first order of business is to strip the president of a number of his powers. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari aren’t exactly the best of friends, but they have a common enemy in Musharraf. It will be interesting to see how they govern if they are ever successful at marginalizing the general.
  • US is backing the wrong horse in Musharraf: abu muqawama
    Is continued support for an increasingly marginalized dictator the best we can do in response to an electoral uprising in the World’s sixth-largest state against dictatorship and radicalized Islam?
  • A backgrounder on Pakistan: The Activist
  • Conflict within the People’s Party: The Pakistan Policy Blog  


  • Queen weighs in: IHT
    Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on Monday called on the Commonwealth to help the most vulnerable nations deal with the impact of climate change… “The impact of pollution falls unequally: it is often those who pollute the least — notably in the world’s least-developed nations — who are closest to the razor’s edge: most affected by the impact of climate change and least equipped to cope with it,” the monarch said in a Commonwealth Day message.
  • Greenpeace takes on guzzling gamers: The Age
  • The perks of green buildings: Grist
  • Southern Baptists do U-turn on environment: NYT



Multiple streakers at the 1000m mark (Echuca Races). Q: Which sport’s next?

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