BLOGWATCH: Malaysian election

Electioneering, 21st century style: One point to note is that in this election, the use of technology was at the highest with leaders from the Opposition engaging voters with the use of social networks, blogs, text messaging, online video and emails. Even a prominent blogger, Jeff Ooi who was on an Opposition ticket had been elected to the Parliament. I won’t say it’s the state of the technology that they are using had allowed them to win, but I’m sure it has contributed tremendously in the campaigning prior to election. Well done Jeff. – Mobiz

Malaysian election roundup from and Antipodean perspective Andrew Leigh

Goodbye PM Abdullah Badawi, Thanks For Nothing! – Cowboy Caleb


Shots fired in whale fight: Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith called on Saturday for anti-whaling activists and Japanese whalers to show restraint, a day after an activist said he had been shot during a clash in Antarctic waters. Paul Watson, captain of the Sea Shepherd group’s protest ship Steve Irwin, said on Friday he was shot, but survived because he was wearing a Kevlar vest. – Reuters

The greed of buying green: There was a time, and it was pre-Al Gore, when buying organic meant eggs and tomatoes, Whole Foods and farmer’s markets. But in the past two years, the word has seeped out of the supermarket and into the home store, into the vacation industry, into the Wal-Mart. – Washington Post

Extended daylight saving not an energy saver: National Geographic

Flooding the Grand Canyon to save a fish: Scientific American


In search of the perfect battery: The Economist

Negritude 2.0; retelling the history of black music: Pop Matters

Born Again Christians born again: The Atlantic

When did the term “to protect and serve” begin to ring so hollow? Literary Review of Canada

Probe finds drugs in drinking water: Newsweek


Bert and Ernie go brutal

Peter Fray

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