BLOGWATCH: The case of the missing MPs; come back John Howard

  • Lost without John Howard: King Valley Watchdog
    Since losing the federal election, not one Coalition member has shown acceptance of the reversal of political roles. We have had the financial complaints of Tony Abbott, the spoiled brat antics of Alexander Downer, the boycotting of the “Sorry” day by five members, the intention of Peter Costello and others to not serve out their elected term, and now Mark Vaile ignoring the parliament and his electorate to make some money on the side.
  • They can’t get no satisfaction: The Ostrahyun
    Losing Howard and gaining Nelson as leader is like sending The Rolling Stones on the road without Mick Jagger. Sure, some people will still go to see Keith Richards play, but you won’t get a fireworks show, and your wife and most of your friends probably won’t want to come with you.
  • More hubris and the slips keep getting bigger: North Coast Voices  
  • Canada is having the same problem with its Liberal MPs: Buckdog


  • Japan looks for killing partners: GreenDaily
    Not content with achieving international pariah status for the annual dolphin slaughter , Japan is looking to shore up the legitimacy of its whaling industry by encouraging other countries to climb aboard … Prior to the meeting of the International Whaling Commission in London this week, the Japanese delegation is hosting seminars on the concept of sustainable whaling for 12 countries, including Angola, Eritrea, and Micronesia.
  • How much will it cost to address climate change? OECD outlook
  • Rumour: Brad Pitt for Green mayor of New Orleans. PR Inside
  • Meet a sustainable fashion designer: Planet Green   MORE: A blog dedicated to eco-fashion


  • The strange joys of Garfield minus Garfield

    As the strip renovator writes: “Who would have guessed that when you remove Garfield from the Garfield comic strips, the result is an even better comic about schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and the empty desperation of modern life? Friends, meet Jon Arbuckle. Let’s laugh and learn with him on a journey deep into the tortured mind of an isolated young everyman as he fights a losing battle against loneliness in a quiet American suburb.”

  • Ten commandments a stoner’s inspiration?  The Washington Post

  • Why publishers don’t fact check memoirs: NY Sun

  • One man’s homage to Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe: Village Voice

  • You’re a Jew? Prove it. New York Times

  • Quiz: Are you a semisomniac? The Guardian


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