BLOGWATCH: The 12th interest rate rise

  • Bigger than Brendan: There Aint no Sanity Clause
    The Reserve Bank is today expected to hike its official interest rate 7.25 per cent, which will make the official interest rate 0.25 per cent more popular than Dr Nelson
  • What about other cuts? Brad Hinton — Plain Speaking
    What I find particularly fascinating is the attention business gives to interest rate increases of .25% when many of the same businesses show a lack of interest in discovering and delivering .25% improvements to the bottom line by improving work practices and knowledge flow.
  • Australian economy a badly renovated house: The Secret Diary of Kevin Rudd


  • Prince Charles’s cruise costs the earth: Jonathan Brown, The Independent
    He says he is a green pioneer, and flaunts his environmental credentials. So why is Prince Charles leaving today on a cruise that will do as much damage to the planet as 260 transatlantic flights? Evoking the atmosphere of the grandest of English country houses, complete with sumptuous staterooms, jacuzzi and an on-board gymnasium and sauna, few would dispute that the 246ft super-yacht Leander affords one of the most luxurious ways to cruise the azure seas of the Caribbean. Whether it is coursing through the water on one of the yacht’s jet-skis, or simply enjoying a gin and tonic at sunset in the air-conditioned cabins, life on board is unforgettable.
  • King of Soya: environmental vandal or villain? The Guardian
  • Farmers need to adapt to climate change, says Rudd: The Australian
  • Time to cut European transport use: Financial Times
  • Can hunting save endangered species? GreenDaily



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