What about gay rights? The two stand-out achievements for me in the first 100 days of the Kevin Rudd government were both gifts from the previous conservative Howard government. The Ruddsters ratified Kyoto and they said ‘sorry’ to the ‘stolen generation’ of indigenous Australians. These were both things the previous government refused to do. But, in a way, those two issues were no-brainers. They had to happen. How truly reformist the new government will be in the next few years is yet to be seen. There is still much to be done in gay and lesbian rights in Australia. But how much will a Centre Left party, as opposed to a truly Left party, want to do? — Adam Miller’s blog

Enough hubris already. Federal Labor and Kevin Rudd are in a self-congratulatory mood as they approach 100 days in office tomorrow.Although there are some matters about which Rudders can rightly feel satisfied, it seems that hubris may be edging into the discourse between government and people. — North Coast Voices

More air miles than ever before. To celebrate my first 100 days I’ve taken the liberty of pulping 10,000 of Tasmania’s finest old growth trees and imported the world’s finest inks to produce the most self-indulgent publication released since my last self-indulgent publication, the first “100 days” being Ruddrless. What have I achieved, well where do I start? I’ve travelled more air miles than every other previous Australian PM put together – adding more carbon to the environment than a Kim Beazley methane attack after a month on the Baked beans. — Kevin Rudd R Less
Rudd’s inspiration. For those of you wondering where Kevin Rudd gets his inspiration, and whether he models himself on anyone in particular – let’s take a quick trip back in time… the passage below is from one of Whitlam’s own speeches… — Incessant ramblings of the quietly insane  What. A. Waste. Honestly, I hope the Opposition can get themselves organised enough to hold the government’s feet to the flame over this. The idea that this sort of advertising—cause that’s all it is—amounts to transparency and accountability, as the PM claims, is a nonsense. For future reference, PM, how about just knocking up a YouTube, paid for by the Labor Party? More effective on any number of levels. — Tim Dunlop, Blogocracy