It’s a very graphic edition of this week’s Wankley Awards, with many worthy entrants. But it wasn’t hard to pick the winner: New Idea , for breaking the embargo on news of Prince Harry’s Afghanistan deployment.

Here are some of the other contenders:

1. The Sunday Herald Sun  made the most of Kate Neilson’s decision to face lions rather than boyfriend  Wayne. Following a “safari bust-up” Neilson apparently fled the safety of the camp for the jungle … way back in 2006. Wild.

2. was sure to get some hits with the combined word power of teenage + jail + “orgy”. The picture was pretty racy too…

Did they have photographers on the ground? Nope, it was a grab from a promotional shot of Daniel Radcliffe for his full frontal, Harry Potter-slaying role in Equus, a play arguably far more controversial than alleged teen Valentine’s Day romping. The picture was later replaced by

3. Not a strict media entrant, but notable nonetheless. Centrebet uses a picture of a seriously obese child to promote its betting. It was effective, if tasteless: who knew you could bet on the Biggest Loser

4. For flaunting their contacts, a nod to The Australian . The paper got calls from John Howard and Paul Keating at the same time yesterday, notes DD McNicoll in his Strewth column today. Goodness it’s busy work being important.

5. Even Crikey is guilty of buying into the rampant Megan Galeophilia as she farewelled the catwalk this week, giving David Jones too many free media kicks to count. 

6. The Wankley Awards aren’t open to the international field. But if they were, Fay Weldon could be up there. Jordan, aka Katie Price, is a British Page 3 girl who married Australian pop singer Peter Andre in a wedding fit for a Barbie princess. In an interview for The Times with the woman who once ran as a political candidate with the promise of free bre-st implants for all, Weldon muses on Jordan’s possible reincarnations, “I can see her coming back as a large-eyed gazelle, perhaps, or, in defence of her children, a fiercely elegant snow leopard”. It’s an illuminating read.