Don't count Clinton out yet, says TPM election central today. Hillary could still win this thing. But the media seem to be willing it to not be so. Do they want her to lose? Why do they relish the tracking of her downfall with such glee? It's still going to come down to superdelegates, and no one really knows what they're thinking. But the media, and the magic momentum that they can imbue a candidate with, still thinks they can write the storyline, and they've practically crowned Obama months ahead of the convention. What if they're wrong?

Do they want her to lose?: Tensions between the Hillary campaign and the media boiled over yesterday. After news outlets began asking questions about Matt Drudge's "scoop" that unnamed Hillary staffers "circulated" a photo of Obama in Somali garb, Hillary spokesperson Phil Singer hit back at the media during a breakfast with reporters, suggesting they were happily allowing themselves to be led around on a leash by Drudge when he offered the chance to write negative stories about her. "I find it interesting that in a room of such esteemed journalists that Mr. Drudge has become your respected assignment editor," Singer said. -- TPM election central