Giving Crikey’s coveted Wankley to the Financial Review’s Luxury magazine — free in today’s edition –would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Just what are the trends in luxury this year? Hermès kids’ pajamas apparently. Forget raising interest rates, perhaps if we just stopped the nouveau riche spending…

And then there’s this Wankley worthy gem in the edition, so full of fancy-pants words it’s like you’re choking on diamonds:

The final form of the Hermès Steve bag announced in Luxury‘s November bespoke special continues to be refined as part of the time-honoured process of negotiation behind every Hermès special order. The Paris HQ of the luxury goods house seems intent on turning the modest peahen that Luxury had envisaged into a fully fledged peacock. Refinements include shadowing a kangaroo design onto the house’s toile chevron luggage lining as a special one-off feature.

In other honourable mentions, Andrew Bolt is clearly angling for his second win in a row.

In today’s Herald Sun, he declares his secret love for … Julia Gillard. Inspired by that Ralph poll, which ranked the redhead second behind Jennifer Hawkins as the “sexiest woman of the year”, he’s coming out. And how. He’s got a “tingle in his pheromones” for this woman with “the mouth of Paul Keating, but the eyes of Megan Gale.” Apparently, “the one just enhances the other.”

But we would like to honour the normally unflappable Fran Kelly.

Radio National’s consummate host did a Jane Fonda this morning, dropping the C-bomb while interviewing Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon. Click here to listen.

Congratulations Ms Kelly on your Walkley…um, um, Wankley.