Yesterday, Crikey asked readers to submit famous people’s lost diary entries that they’d “stumbled across”. This was inspired by The Australian‘s publication of David Hicks’ “jihad diaries”.  We were treated to a fascinating glimpse into the minds of Julia Gillard and an aircraft maintenance guy. And John Allison channelled Wayne Carey (so we didn’t have to):

Monday: Jessica
Tuesday: Anna
Wednesday: Katie
Thursday: Lisa
Friday: Jacinta
Saturday: Melissa
Sunday: Jo
Monday: Nicole
Tuesday: Georgie
Wednesday: Sara
Thursday: Tiffany
Friday: Katrina
Saturday: Emily
Sunday: Jessica #2
Monday: Nikki
Tuesday: Jennifer and Rebecca (their place) (etc)

But the winner of our Crikey diary competition is David Lewis for his look at the Shadow Treasurer’s mind, complete with dollar signs and Malcolm in a tank (not a top, the military kind).*

See below some of the entries (click to enlarge): 

Diary of an unknown aircraft maintenance guy (David Curtin) and an excerpt from the Shadow Treasurer’s diary (David Lewis):  


Julia Gillard’s diary (Fiona Migan) and Malcolm Turnbull’s diary page (John Goldbaum):  

  Brendan Nelson’s diary (Ray Jones) and top-secret invasion plans for Iraq – found in the recycling bin at Kirribilli (Stephen Bolton):  

  John Howard’s diary (Tim B):  

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