Each Friday, Crikey will endeavour to bring you the fun-filled entertainment that currently is Parliamentary Question Time.

Giggle as new speaker Harry Jenkins attempts to make Wilson Tuckey toe the line.

Check out the strange new seating arrangments (hello down the back there, Peter Costello.)

Wince as Wayne Swan flubs it. Admire the cool, collected twin-set-and-pearl conversational style of Julie Bishop. Marvel at the magpie-like warblings of Julia Gillard.

It won’t be this fun for long, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

Here’s Wayne on Monday, watch as he cowers before the terrifyingly assured presence of Malcolm Turnbull and draws a really embarrassing, ten minute long blank on a tricky acronym:

And here, Julia Gillard indulges in some sh-t stirring, Harry rolls his eyes, and Wilson Tuckey makes a funny: 

In this clip, Joe Hockey suggests that his former Sunrise co-star is too busy playing cricket to look after the nation. How quickly Joe forgets the bowling stylings of our former cricket crazed Prime Minister: 

And here, watch backbencher Alexander Downer’s face. He got into a bit of trouble during the week for skipping Question Time in favour of conversation with Dennis Shanahan over veal and “a lemon lime and bitters”, sh-t stirrer Gillard couldn’t help having a dig, and had a go at the former Treasurer in the process: