Today, The Australian had a great scoop: entries from David Hicks’ handwritten “jihad diary”. The paper says the scrawled pages give “new insight into the sophisticated terrorism training he underwent”.

Who knew “sophisticated” terrorism looked so much like Year 8 doodling?

Which set Crikey wondering — what would other people’s intimate diaries look like? Hmm.
For example, Wayne Swan’s diary musings on NAIRUs and how to draw them, Julie Bishop’s “Dear Kitty” letters, Julia Gillard’s hair design cuttings from New Weekly and Who, John Howard’s secret return to power jottings (including preliminary sketches of a matchstick siege engine) … Amanda Vanstone’s Roman Holiday travel journal … Inside the mind of Tom Cruise … the possibilities are endless. So, Crikey readers, what can you discover and/or create?   The best diary page delivered will be rewarded with a bumper Crikey prize: a much coveted First Dog on the Moon t-shirt (buy one here), series one of BBC’s Absolute Power , The Chaser Annual , 4 Classic Quarterly Essays and a pair of Crikey socks.

Scan in your submissions and send them to [email protected] with “Crikey diary” in the subject field.