Does the Minister for Everything in NSW, Frank Sartor, have too much on his plate? Arts organisations around the state (he is the Minister for the Arts) are still waiting to hear if they are to receive funding for 08 even though it is middle of February. They usually hear November/December… does he have too much on or just or is it just not a priority?

I heard that Borders are cutting weekly working hours for part timers from approximately 30 hours per week to approximately 12 hours per week (adhering to the part time contract but it’s not enough money for most employees to pay rent and eat) so it looks cheaper on paper for when Angus & Robertson purchase the company.

The Climate Change Coalition is on the verge of merging with the Australian Democrats after their disappointing showing in last year’s federal election. Their high-profile candidate Patrice Newell will probably leave the party.

Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon may have announced a review of Australia’s air warfare capacity, but RAAF talk says the F111s are about to be grounded for good and Boeing employees are being told to look for new jobs.

The embattled NSW Health Minister Grim Reba will be participating in this year’s Mardi Gras on 1 March 2008. The Minister has taken advice from one of her closest advisors about the merits of being seen in the Mardi Gras Parade. Expect to see her in a convertible winding its way along the Parade route.

The Golden Carriage of North Head. NewsRadio this morning was playing some proceedings from Senate committee proceedings yesterday when questions were asked about the expensive golden carriage being produced as a gift from the Prime Minister to the Queen, intended as an anniversary gift two years ago but behind schedule. Nobody knows where it is or how it’s progressing. There is something very golden, and very carriage shaped, lying in the middle of a private business area at the North Head Sanctuary in Sydney. This is the Google Maps link to the the area and the below image indicates the area where the carriage was seen. Have any Crikey readers spotted the Golden Carriage of North Head?