Labor’s global-warming expert Ross Garnaut (who as chairman of Lihir Gold is presiding over an environmental horror on Lihir Island) is upsetting his elderly North Carlton neighbours with plans to build a five-metre wall that will cast the vegetable garden of the retired migrant couple next door into permanent shade.

SBS Radio’s controversial Director, Paula Masselos, is about to announce a round of redundancies in SBS Radio. She does not want this to go public before she faces Senate Estimates on Monday 18th of February in Canberra. Who knows, many of the tired old broadcasters may just be praying to be released from the SBS Radio chaos with a golden handshake.

Air Traffic Controller news: West Procedural Sectors were closed on Wednesday for 3 hours. See the map here: And West Radar Sectors were closed for 6.5 hours Thursday night. See the map here.

I notice that Caroline Overington’s blog hasn’t been updated since 23 November 2007, despite a reasonably consistent flow of posts going back into 2006?

Twice in the last week I took Tattslotto tickets to outlets to check for winnings (sadly, none). On both occasions, the tickets would not scan in the readers. While the first agent manually entered the ticket number to solve the problem, the second agent told me there had been a number of issues with the readers (which also print the tickets) and had a different approach. Solution: he got out his black pen and coloured in a line on the barcode, and the ticket scanned perfectly. Ummm, what about fraud? “No worries mate, works every time…”