Within 24 hours of Crikey’s report on Taso Corolis, the compliance and risk manager of imploding financial group MFS Ltd, he has resigned citing “personal reasons”. The former senior honcho with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) joined MFS in April last year and moved to its Gold Coast office when the company was the darling of the market and the financial scribblers. In his 10 years with APRA, Corolis delivered innumerable lectures on risk management, corporate governance, avoiding conflicts and ethical standards, famously telling the Australian Financial Institutions Auditors Association conference in June 2006 that the “fit and proper” criteria for directors of Approved Depositing-taking Institutions (ADIs) was “competence, character, diligence, honesty, integrity and judgement to perform properly”.

Wayne Carey watch. The “king” was seen in Koi Samui, Thailand, 5 days ago with a young brunette.

Almost three months after the Federal election the website of the Victorian Division still lists Peter Costello first on its otherwise alphabetical list of Members of the House of Representatives. Message to the Vic Libs: Costello is no longer Treasurer guys, and A comes before C.

Michael West is not a SMH star columnist. Wrong from Crikey as usual. He is Fairfax Digital – that is the Age, SMH etc online. He is a business commentator for all sites. Next error from the probable anonymous AFR tipster relates to the “exclusive” story claim. AFR had a speculative item on Primary Healthcare capital raising. West had the news story and the timing of the issue. Together, these facts provided investors with this information: do I buy Primary today to get an entitlement to the $1.2 billion rights issue which is coming tomorrow. Should Crikey or the probable anonymous AFR tipster (whose identity is known to this anonymous tipster) like to debate the issue of whether this was exclusive then why not put your name to it? Or do some work rather than wasting people’s time sniping anonymously.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
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