Windschuttle 1. I was at Martin Place for the Apology today. Standing in front of me, holding an Aboriginal flag, was Keith Windschuttle.

Windschuttle 2. I was at Martin Place watching the apology and saw a few rows in front of me in the crowd none other than Keith Windschuttle. He seemed to be alone and was taking photographs of the crowd.

Joining in, almost looking as if they were leading, the slow handclapping of Brendan Nelson’s Sorry speech this morning by audience members in the Great Hall of Parliament House was Prime Ministerial press sec Lachlan Harris.

I heard some scuttlebut over lunch to the effect that Manion & McCosker have already prepared the paperwork for a class action lawsuit against the Federal Government regarding the well publicised “apology” we are all looking forward to. Apparently there are more than 20 Aboriginal communities already involved in the action. As many in chambers have said (albeit jokingly) over the past few days….”I wouldn’t mind a piece of that action!”.

Apropos of Margaret Simons’ piece on Underbelly and Nine’s evident lack of caution on legals, I’d suggest Crikey also question the government agencies who invested in the series. Taxpayers have footed no small part of production costs for Underbelly via the FFC and Film Victoria. What were their legal departments doing to safeguard this investment?

I found it funny that the SMH’s new star columnist Michael West had a story on the SMH and Age websites yesterday about Symbion and Primary which had the word “exclusive” plastered all over it. Two hours later the “exclusive” tag was gone. Why? Because it was in the AFR street talk column that morning which no one at the SMH or Age had seen. Once it was pointed it out, the “exclusive” tag was quickly removed from the story.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey