The PM’s preferred strip joint has endorsed Hillary for President.

Air Traffic Controller news: Brisbane Ocean Sector was closed overnight for nearly four hours due to lack of staff. Click here for the map; yep the airspace that feeds Sydney. And Perth Radar (surprise, surprise) was closed again Wednesday morning for two hours see the maps here and here. It’s not good enough; some minister or regulator has to make this “service provider” accountable.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited … R.I.P. Yeah right! Word is that General Motors Corporation (GM) has been taking soundings about listing GM Holden Ltd (GM-H) via an IPO. A capital raising for a local acquisition? Hmm…

The NSW Government is about to turn off the NSW Rivers and Foreshore Act, without a replacement piece of legislation — this will open the way for unregulated river dredging and sand removal along our rivers. Can anyone guess why they would do this?

Sutherland Shire Right wing have stopped attacking the moderates and are now attacking themselves. Micheal Towke, Marie Ficarra and Sutherland Councillor Magdie Mikhail all attended a meeting of the Sylvania Waters branch of the Liberal Party where their president James Young was forced to close the meeting when a call by Marie Ficara was made to sack him as President. It appears the Hard right want domination of the Shire not only against the Left but any branch that won’t support their candidates or Towke. Drinks were arranged an hour before the meeting for the Towke and Mikhail members. But it was by invite only. State Executive are now given another mess to clean up.

Peter Fray

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