Forget Super Tuesday, which as we all know is just an indulgent festival of the vanities and an irrelevance in the grand scheme of things. Instead exercise your democratic rights today by voting for something much more important.

Vote for the Logies instead.

Today I found myself inadvertently sucked into an online “interview” on the Channel Nine website, where, before I knew it I was voting in every category for the gold and silver logies. And now I kind of feel like I’ve done my democratic duty, even though I’ve long despised the awards, despite being sent to report on them several times for a national newspaper.

I reckon all Crikey readers should vote too. This way we might actually have some bearing on the results.

For too long the Logies have been the province of TV Week Readers. There were always rumours about the results being rigged because a particular actor had a few newsagents in their camp. And in any case, TV Week readers favoured the soaps and the schlock over shows with attitude or any real depth. But now the system is wide open and the results are much more interesting.

Personally it was nice not to vote for Rove McManus in anything. Instead presenter Julia Zemiro and actors Chris Lilly and Magda Szubanski got the thumbs up from me. It was gratifying to give shows like The Circuit a tick and snub others like Dancing with the Stars and 1 vs 100.

Although it’s clearly a vast improvement on the old system, there are a couple of problems. You only get to vote for the people who have been nominated. You can’t add a candidate the organisers have overlooked.

In the US, opponents of compulsory voting claim that an ill-informed vote is a wasted vote. They would be very disappointed in the system for selecting Logie winners because you have to make a selection on each page, even though the list of candidates is completely baffling.

For example, I was forced to pick names randomly from the list of candidates for the most popular new male and female talent because I didn’t recognize any of them – except the ubiquitous Bindi Irwin. It’s depressing that just about the only new talent worth recognising this year have appeared on shows like Neighbours, Home and Away and All Saints.

Also I wonder whether it’s a good idea featuring images of actors Daniel MacPherson and Lisa McCune above each page because it could skew the results and McCune has won enough times already.

So for your chance to say no to all the pedestrian shite on television, get voting. Unfortunately you can only vote once, although I’m sure that’s being rorted as we speak.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey