Next week the US primary season hits its straps with Super Tuesday – primaries across 24 states on one day – a day that could well determine the candidates who will contest November’s presidential poll.

The unfolding saga is a year-long feast for politics tragics. That said, American politics can sometimes be a strange and inscrutable process, a system that defies easy understanding. We’re here to help. Next Monday, Crikey subscribers will be able to read an extended essay about the whole shebang from Crikey’s man on the ground, Guy Rundle. Rundle walks us through the ins and out of presidential politics, with a clear and entertaining guide to how the system evolved and how it operates today. Indispensable subscriber-only reading.

Subscribers will also be able to follow the unfolding saga all year through Rundle’s daily reports from the front line. Fascinating, elegantly literate insights not only into the politics and the personalities engaged in this fiercely contested race for the White House, but also into the hearts and minds of on-the-street America.