The ABC is submitting to a brand overhaul, but fear not, the commission’s curvaceous logo will remain.

Still, what if a new logo were in the offing? What could it look like? Yesterday, Crikey asked readers to submit their suggestions, with a swanky prize for the best. We knew we were dealing with a talent pool in the Crikey readership — we were not disappointed.

Some entrants played on the ABC’s Labor connections. Some got mathematical. Some used a whole lotta words to explain their graphic communication. Anyway, enough talk. To the logos.

In a field of winners, the gong goes to comrade Gordon Haynes for his whimsical entry:

Not your thing? There are plenty more possibilities:

Melissa Corbett:

Andrew McGill writes: In light of the recent fear of impending change…  Run, Lissajous, run!

Michael Vanderlaan writes: How about this? a=1, b=2.95, sigma = pi/2, A=B=1. It seems appropriate it to me… it still has vestiges of its former self, but now skewed a bit to the right, although this wing is also a bit disconnected and out of touch…:

Nic Smythe:


Alister Air:

Peter Wood writes: The image is of a two-dimensional function that can be expressed in polar coordinates as f(r, theta) = sin(r) * sin( 10 * theta). Mathematically, the point in the centre is known as a “Monkey Saddle”. Some people, however, think that the image looks more like a monkeys arse:

Brian Hooper writes: I believe this logo keeps in line with the current one but adds that extra layer to reveal the current state of affairs with our beloved “Aunty”:

Graham Palmer writes: Has Ford changed their logo in 100 years? Ditto Mercedes Benz and a cast of many others. A brand identity is worth millions. Would Channel Nine throw out the nine and the dots? Probably a bad example – but I doubt it:

Glen Frost writes: The logo design represents the two glass lenses or screens that sum up the new digital media relationship between producer/broadcaster and consumer. The “lens” on the left indicated a TV camera and the “lens” on the right indicates a TV or PC screen. The logo is easy to draw and could be any colour. I submit this design to you for your competition and I retain all intellectual property rights:

Steve Johnson:

Paul Massey:

Paul Custance writes: Inspired by three ABC toilet seats left up, this logo depicts the ABC’s digital future in ones and twos. Flushed with the success of downloading and podcasting, this logo would also make an ideal watermark:

Lauren White: The ABC man’s head is a lissajous curve of confusion:

Ken Notman: My alternate logo for the ABC would be a funnel. Still a geometric marvel, the funnel represents a number of things at the modern ABC: Analogous to a drain where the taxpayers dollars are flowing; A vacuum where the goverments time and money is being sucked into an abyss and a hearing aid similar to the ones used by most of the ABC board:

David Gordon:

And now there is a “Save the ABC logo” Facebook group.

Peter Fray

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