Things are so bad at Channel Nine that they have stopped employing IT staff on public holidays. The most recent example was Saturday. You need look no further than the ninemsn website. Not a single story uploaded to the website on Australia Day. Nine has a website that wants you to believe on public holidays there is no news worth reporting. What a joke!

Where has Optus’s OPEL disappeared to with $1 billion of Aussie taxpayers’ cash. We were supposed to have wireless broadband service delivered by September last year. This needs some ministerial pursuit to answer the hard questions. Seven months and still no company, carrier licence, CEO, spectrum, technology or word.

Are there any eagle-eyed readers of Saturday’s Courier Mail newspaper that spotted the offending ad that this refers to?:

Due to a combination of circumstances, including the malicious actions of one individual, please note that the Weekend Shopper lift-out published in The Courier Mail Weekend Edition 26-27 January 2008 contains an advertisement that includes language that some people may find offensive. Because we have been unable to reprint this lift-out in the time available to us, and because we do not want our loyal readers to go without their copy of the Weekend Shopper, we have made a decision to publish it, even though it contains this advertisement. Please rest assured that we are taking all possible steps to ensure that advertisements of this nature will not appear in nay of our newspapers in the future

The Sunday Age until very recently used to publish auction clearance rates in its Real Estate section, Domain. However, with recent interest rate rises and economic uncertainty, auction clearances have taken a nose-dive over the past few weeks but Age readers would not be aware of this because, after bowing to pressure from who knows who, it has stopped printing these figures in the Domain section of the Sunday Age.