A Crikey reader writes:

I rang this morning to cancel my Bulletin subscription plus the two I gave as Christmas presents last year. They told me I would receive a letter in the next three weeks outlining a number of generous options for transferring the unused portion of my subscription to other magazines. I was not offered a refund.

Fair enough, there must be some close substitute for The Bulletin in the ACP magazine stable. Let’s see.

Fernwood, Your Healthy Living Magazine. Hmm. Bounty’s Mother To Be BagAccor TravellerCleoCosmopolitan Cosmopolitan BrideCosmopolitan Hair and BeautyCosmopolitan PregnancyAustralasian Dirt Bike (now featuring a politics column from Laurie Oakes) … DollyGood Health & MedicineHarper’s BAZAARInstant Beauty (Max Walsh does an advice page) … Little Kids (featuring Mungo’s crossword) … Mother & Baby (never mind its long-standing feud with Paul Keating) … New WomanPregnancy & BirthPregnancy BookShop Til You Drop (the place Henry Lawson started) … Shopping For Baby Slimming & Health (Australia for the white woman) … Disney Girl (new editor John Lehmann) … Disney’s Princess (the new home of Patrick Cook) … Little Friends FHMMen’s Style Australia MotorRalphStreet Machine WheelsZoo Weekly (with its newly boosted investigative sections).

The Bulletin was clearly the one bad apple in this little barrel of monkeys. Hang out for a refund.