Overheard at the tennis. Some very in-the-know people discussing Peter Costello’s offer from the Macquarie Bank to become the bank’s second in charge for an eight (Crikey: presumably includes a cents column) figure sum.

Do you like your news two weeks old? Just turn to NBN TV here in northern NSW. Last night they ran a story on the US Presidential primaries – intro was about the campaign in South Carolina, so far so good, except the report itself was about the leadup to the New Hampshire vote! They replayed a report from a fortnight ago! What a c-ck up!

It appears that this Corey thing isn’t going away! Can’t help but laugh at the kid’s audacity though! I expect the page will be taken down soon.

Re. G’day USA: John Olsen is no longer in LA, and has not been there for 18 months. He is now living and working in New York, the next stop on the same gravy train. His replacement in LA is Innes Willox, another former Downer staffer, who organised this week’s celeb-centric bash.