In these po-mo times, it was inevitable that the death of Heath Ledger would be viewed by bloggers through their own prejudices and sensibilities. Here are just a few of the many posts put up within hours of his “passing”.

Heath Ledger ha muerto. Sea cual sea el motivo que condujese a tan trágico desenlace, el cine suma una nueva gran perdida. La Associated Press fue la primera en dar a conocer que el actor Heath Ledger fue encontrado muerto en su apartamento hoy a las 3:26 pm. El New York Times confirmo la información a través de fuentes de la polícia … Ledger, a sus 28 años, se preparaba para revelar al mundo la que dicen es, la más grandiosa interpretación del Joker en la próxima The Dark Knight. Una gran perdida que pilla a todo el mundo de sorpresa. — Salon del Mal

Just so you know.
BEX: so heath ledger just died and i thought you should know.
JOSH: a lot of people seem to think i should know this.
BEX: because you don’t work in a place where the entire building starts shouting “OMG HEATH LEDGER IS DEAD WHAT DO WE TELL JAKE GYLLENHAAL.” Because that is what is happening in my office.
JOSH: sounds fu
BEX: it truly is. — More Bex than that…

The new River Phoenix. Heath Ledger is dead. His masseuse (ahem) and housekeeper found him in bed, unconscious, next to a bottle of pills. People suspect the pills and the death are related. It’s like how could they not be? What else would a 28-year-old actor die from in Manhattan? Happiness? Good looks? He was found in Mary Kate Olsen’s apartment! Everyone in the office was kind of shocked and then the jokes started flying in like two seconds, including: “I guess there’s an apartment up for rent.” — Annietown

The new James Dean. This is devastating. This is James Dean huge. I am in shock. — Media Grouch

Time to remember the good times. Now that the media circus has started and gophers are rushing around FOX News with tapes of Heath Ledger discussing death at press junkets like Joan Cusack in Broadcast News, it is important for us to remember the really amazing talent that drew us to him in the first place. — The Rural Juror

Gay icon dead. I’ve just heard about the news of Heath Ledger passing, I simply can’t believe it. Heath is one of the actors that I’ve been admiring, not only because of his looks but because he wasn’t afraid to portrait a gay character and doing a good job at that … Anyhow, I have no idea how hard it would hit me. I feel like the gay community lost an ally. — Melodramatic Diary of a Cynic

The Britney thing. I hate to take a swipe at Britney Spears here, but it does seem that maybe the coverage of her trainwreck of a life may prevent other stars from coming forward with news of their own addictions and personal problems. — Jinx Protocol