Leading Nominees Votes %
No one 7 7%
David Flint 5 5%
Lowitja O’Donoghue 5 5%
Corey 4 4%
Mary Gaudron 4 4%
Janet Holmes a Court 3 3%
Michael Kirby 3 3%
Other 76 71%
Total 107  


Other nominees:

Alan Jones
Andrew Bolt
Anita Butler
Anthony Koutafides
Bananas in Pyjamas
Barry Jones
Ben Cousins
Betty Churcher
Bill Kelty
Brian Harradine
Camilla Parker-Bowles
Carmen Lawrence
Claire Martin
Dame Joan Sutherland
David Hicks
Di Yerbury
Dick Smith
Helen Nugent
Margaret Seares
Elizabeth Evatt
Ernie Dingo
Fiona Stanley
Fred Chaney
Gary Ablett Snr
Geoffrey Robertson
George Pell
Germaine Greer
Humphrey B. Bear
Jack Mundey
Janette Howard
Jessica Rabbit
John Howard
John Stone
Julian Burnside
Kevin Rudd
Lara Bingle
Liz Ellis
Makybe Diva
Maree Bashir
Marion Scrymgour
Marjorie Jackson
Mark Latham
Max Gillies
Mick Dodson
Murray Gleeson
Natasha Stott-Despoja
Noel Pearson
Pat Rafter
Patrick Dodson
Paul Keating
Peter Beattie
Peter Cosgrove
Peter Eriksen
Phillip Adams
Quentin Bryce
Rodney Croome
Rupert Murdoch
Russell Crowe
Shane Warne
Sheikh Hilaly
Ted Egan
Terry Hicks
The fat kid from Hey Dad
Therese Rein
Tim Costello
Tim Flannery
Wally Lewis
Bert & Pattie Newton

Crikey readers wrote:

Nelson Bibby writes: The CGI idea of David MacCormack is good, so we could have an ever changing animated head of state depending on how we feel at the time, 24 x 7 internet based polling would determine who is in charge… Jessica Rabbit would be my pick if CGI gets across the line.

Steven Hall writes: Kevin Rudd – combine all the main jobs into 1 with 1 salary – rent out Yarralumla as a backpackers – that should help the budget cuts.

Russell Boyd writes: Warnie for GG, it’s obvious. Let’s move on from the former Boy Scout leader and put a real player of class back on the field. What an honour it would be to have the King of spin and master of the SMS raise the social profile of Yarralumla. And surely his new role of Celebrity Poker Whiz must elevate his credentials above other geniuses of almost equal class, the likes of Eddie Everywhere or big Sam K.

Anne Handley writes: My son Tim who is an underemployed classical guitarist who managed to get a scholarship to Melba conserve without ever having had a music lesson from anyone other than a few chords from his older brother, who does the dishes at the Sorrento Hotel, understands Plato and his hero is Nicolas Tessler. He has an opinion on every thing, a great orator and philosopher, is eye candy, wears blunstone boots, doesn’t own a car or a pair of sunglasses and shops at second hand stores. He is not on drugs, thinks old people are really interesting, and never remembers his own birthday let alone anyone else’s. He is perfect.

Clint Rodgers writes: My nomination: Peter Eriksen, entrepreneur behind the Upsynth absinthe phenomenon. He has a military background like Mike Jeffrey, and is likely to be more lavish with the beverages than Archbishop Hollingworth.

Raoul Dunk writes: John Howard – to give the Howard haters something to do for the next few years, as they cannot criticise the Federal or any State governments for a while.

John Goldbaum writes: I propose our next governor-general should be Her Excellency Anita Butler, Australia’s current consul-general to New Caledonia. Once she has departed Les Nouvelles Calédoniennes (LNC), she can honestly be described as her ex-LNC.

Digby Hughes writes: Why do we have to have a GG appointed? All we will get is a member of the elite. Voting for one would be even worse – we would end up with a person who believes they have a mandate. I suggest we make it a truly ceremonial position – lets draw it out of a hat. All the names of all the people on the electoral roll go into the barrel and we draw out a winner – for 12 months that person gets to open school and church fetes – they are paid for by the State and if they are employed their job is covered by the State as well. After 12 months they go back to their old job and another person has a go.

Barry Everingham writes: Professor David Flint – who could be the last of the Queen’s men and as a touch of delicious irony actually announce the formation of a Republic and then hand the country back to the Australians after 220 years of being a UK colony.

Ignaz Amrein writes: It has to be Andrew Bolt, the reason being, he couldn’t write his Herald Sun column anymore and therefore help in a big way to slow global warming, stopping all that hot air coming from it.

David Christie writes: My son’s dog, Rufus. Great barker with big teeth for scaring off the bad guys, great groveller to the good guys; comes with absolute guarantee will not sack Prime Minister.

Matt Clark writes: The fat kid from Hey Dad – surely he’s grown up by now and probably in need of a job in the public eye. Otherwise it would have to be Norman Gunston, Ted Bullpit or, Aunty Jack. I can’t see how anyone else would be Aussie enough and be able to handle the comic timing that befits such a role.

Jeannie Cornish writes: A duumvirate – Bert and Pattie.