Australia’s most prominent recent retiree and goldpass Sydney bus traveler, John Howard, has signed with the prestigious Washington Speakers Bureau. 

Here he joins the likes of Tony Blair and Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York on an oratorical roster that plies its trade in some of the world’s finest corporate function rooms. Mr Howard — “one of the most thought-provoking world leaders in modern history”, according to his new agents — will be available to speak on two topics, Leadership in the New Century and The Global Economic Future.

Could we suggest that he is underselling his potential? There is so much more that John Howard could say that would hold and enlighten any audience. Could we suggest the following topics: Generational Change in Conservative Political Structures, Honesty in Public Policy and Other Redundancies, How to Bring Fear and Influence People not to mention Bradman’s Average: The Wisdom of a Timely Declaration. We could listen to him for years to come.