Gone but far from forgotten. On the evening of Saturday January 17, 1998, the internet gossip merchant Matt Drudge posted a story that opened the most sensational scandal season in the history of the American presidency. He reported that Newsweek magazine had killed a story about President Clinton’s s-xual relationship with a former intern. The next day he had her name: Monica Lewinsky. — Liberally conservative

How Lewinsky changed news forever. While the event led to the impeachment of President Clinton and redefined s-x for generations to come – it also changed the way news is delivered in the world. The Drudge Report has been one of the most visited websites in the world since that day. Many, including the New York Times consider the Drudge Report to be the most influential media source in the world. People realized that the world moves too fast to wait for a newspaper to be thrown into the bushes every morning. We also learned that the Media simply couldn’t be trusted! — Matchdoctor

A fortunate twist of fate? Ten years on we know what happened to Bill Clinton. He is campaigning tirelessly for his wife as she seeks to win the second Clinton presidency. It is a curious twist of fate, and an indication of how deep were the repercussions of the scandal, that her campaign might not be happening if it weren’t for Monica Lewinsky. For it was in the wake of the scandal, in which Hillary was seen as the wronged wife, that she decided to run for the Senate from New York. Her shamed husband, anxious to try to make things up to her, eagerly threw his weight behind the move. A wave of sympathy helped to sweep her to victory. As soon as she was elected, talk began about her running for president. — wtf blog 

The real victim. And what of Miss Lewinsky? The media tore her up. The Clinton destruction machine left her twisting in the wind. To Hillary – the champion of women everywhere – Lewinsky’s name is mud. Lewinsky was a naive 21 year old intern who foolishly fell for the flirtations of a charismatic older man. She believed he was falling for her and, when the affair was revealed, she was destroyed. They destroyed her. They devastated her and they never, ever said they were sorry. Nobody should be surprised; that is what the Clinton’s do. — The real revo

Lewinsky for Pres. If only. NOTE: THE FOLLOWING IS A COMPLETE FABRICATION USING THE NAMES OF REAL PEOPLE. YES, A PACK OF LIES, BUT THEN THAT QUALIFIES ME AS A GOOD SPEECHWRITER. P.U. News Service (Washington) — In a hastily arranged press conference, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky declared herself a candidate for president. Lewinsky is basing her qualifications upon the premise of White House experience, basing THAT upon Senator Hillary Clinton’s claim of said experience. — guntotingliberal