Jan 16, 2008

Weekend at Corey’s: an idiot’s guide to fame

Corey 'Wa Wa' Worthington Delaney -- villified by the media, then courted, then villified again, only to end up in police custody -- and all in 80 hours, writes Sophie Black.

Corey 'Wa Wa' Worthington Delaney -- villified by the media, then courted, then villified again -- and all in 80 hours.

Updating yesterday's story, Crikey tracks Corey as a star is born, then goes to Frankston beach, flees an FM radio station via the fire escape, stitches up a magazine deal and is then taken into police custody. Presumably this will make it easier for star's parents to track him down:

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7 thoughts on “Weekend at Corey’s: an idiot’s guide to fame

  1. Tom

    It’s a meta story for sure. The kid has flair but totally uneven bout. It’s likely to become child abuse no matter how sharp or brave he sounds now. Sooo Big Media flakes need the shallow. That’s the real story. Serious bad, shallow OK, in fact crucial.

  2. Rod

    You would think it would be very hard for a drop-kick 16-year-old with attitude and ridiculous sunglasses to make a seasoned journalist look even sillier than him, but Corey Worthington managed to do it with ACA’s Leila McKinnon.

    The more a puffed up Leila began to take on the persona of an outraged parent, the more I cheered for the insouciant Corey. His response to the question about what he would advise other 16-year-olds to do — “Get me to organise your party” was the best response to a tabloid TV question I’ve heard in a long time. No wonder it’s ended up on Youtube.

    The adults involved in this saga, including the media and the Police Commissioner, all seem to be making the classic mistake first chronicled in the movie Rebel Without A Cause — the more they publicly criticise dopey Corey and give him a profile, the more his own generation thinks he’s cool!

    I’d like to give his parents some advice about what to say to him (in private) but I can’t think of anything.

  3. Glenn

    It is starting to get wearisome isn’t it? When it comes to the end of the fiasco it has to be the poor residents of the surrounding area who should get the sympathy vote. 500 revved up teenagers going crazy in your street? Nope, no fun thanks

  4. M A Smith

    How did Rod get to make such a long comment? It was interesting, but most of us get cut off after only

  5. Tom#2

    What role alcohol industry, ditto at the tennis? Underage? Late night trading hours as a bad example? Who sold/gave em the piss? The drug society in denial.

  6. Really

    Haven’t you got better mmore interesting stuff to write about?

  7. Matthew Ridgeway

    The parents are to blame, they had not taught their child respact, AND they left him home alone to do as he liked. The kids should be locked up and the parents need to look at themselves more.

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