Between the media feasting on Nic’s baby joy, and cricket’s continuing monkey business, the real news has been pushed off the front pages.

What about the stories that were buried by the scoop that pregnant Nicole ate some rocket salad yesterday? Here’s some important summer stuff you may have missed:

Guy Sebastian buys jewels for Jules — yes, the former Australian Idol winner popped the question.

Baywatch reveals swarms of unknown life — some people saw lots of dolphins swimming around Port Phillip Bay.

Matt Hale’s Crap Elvis round the world adventure — a guy from Perth is touring the world under the name Crap Elvis, wearing a $30 Elvis costume.

JAWS OF DEATH — no, not the usual January shark story, just a polar bear somewhere in Germany that turned cannibal and ate two of her offspring – and “it is all the fault of a meddling idiot human.” Says the Tele.

Bec Hewitt lobs plenty of colour on her locks — she has been a blonde and a brunette – but never before has Bec Hewitt been both at the same time.

In slightly more pressing news, the New Hampshire Primary results are trickling in, check the Crikey website for updates, and read our US correspondent Guy Rundle’s take on the early results in the meantime.