Australians love their sport, and we love most of our pro sportspeople. Even Jana Pittman seems to be rising in the estimations of the average couch-bound sportsfan.

Yet over the last few days, the nation’s media organisations have asked Joe Public what he thinks about the Australian Test team. When you aggregate the results, there’s one fairly obvious conclusion: we don’t much like our international cricketers.

Of course, “click here to vote” polling is inherently unreliable, so maybe there are no conclusions to be drawn from the following polls. Besides, the Indians were holed up in their hotel while the drama unfolded. Maybe they did most of the voting.

But if there is something to learn from it, perhaps it is this: before the final wicket fell on Sunday evening, there was a latent antipathy for the Aussies lurking in the national sporting psyche. A feeling of sympathy for the Indian team’s undeserving loss, coupled with the Australians’ gauche victory dance, gave us reason to express it.

Is it success fatigue? Are we tired of tedious, one-sided cricket? On balance, do we consider the Aussies a bunch of bad winners?

The Age

Are Australian cricketers bad sports?

Yes: 76%
No: 24%

Herald Sun

Should Ricky Ponting be sacked as captain of Australia?

Yes: 67% (6958 votes)
No: 32% (3340 votes)

Daily Telegraph

Do the Australian team play in the true spirit of cricket?

Yes: 17% (1516 votes)
No: 82% (6918 votes)

Today Tonight

Do you think Ricky Ponting should be removed as Australian cricket captain?

Yes: 28%
No: 72%


Has Australia’s behaviour in the current Test series changed the way you will support the team?

Yes: I will no longer support this side: 61.8% (5342 votes)
Yes: but I still love the baggy green: 11.63% (1006 votes)
No: I think their behaviour was appropriate: 26.56% (2296 votes)