Wait until the last minute on Bali. The realpolitik between the United States and China over what they are actually going to reduce their emissions by will come out at 3 am on the 11th day of a 10 day meeting in Copenhagen in 2009. Trust me. Until then any targets mentioned are just mood music, necessary because there are fears in European capitals, and that includes Number 10, that an agreement on Friday night to start negotiations – more talks – won’t look like a commensurate response to the evidence we have been hearing about Arctic ice disappearing more quickly than ever and this being another of the hottest years on record. — Telegraph

Solar power good for big business. It turns out that a lot of solar projects big companies are putting together cost them absolutely no money! Actually, they often save them money from day 1. The question is, how are they doing it…and why can’t you and I do it as well? Solar power makes economic sense right now. If you install solar panels on your house in California, you will save money over the 25 year life of the panel (barring Steorn and cold fusion.) But it’s hard to ask someone to pay ten yearsof power bills all at once. In fact, it’s prohibitively expensive. Not even big companies (aside from the extremely high profit ones) have that much money to throw around. But investment companies do have that money, and if they can guarantee a 100% return over 25 years, then that’s a darned good deal for them, especially in light of the current credit crisis in America. — EcoGeek

Green Santa! Santa has recognized the importance of being eco-conscious, too. Levine, billed as the “Green Santa,” is donning a suit of that color and promoting the environment at FAO Schwarz this Christmas season while promoting a new children’s book: “When Santa Turned Green.” In the story, Santa notices a leak in his ceiling, climbs onto the roof to investigate and discovers the North Pole is melting. — AP, ZWire

Is surfing hurting the planet? The State Government has been urged to block an international surfing competition near the Ningaloo Reef because of the possible impact it will have on the environment. The event, planned for August next year, is part of the surfing World Championship Tour which is hosted by a major international surfwear company. But there are concerns over the impact the competition may have in the environmentally sensitive reef area. — ABC News