The first Morgan Poll since the Rudd Government’s victory shows – surprise, surprise – an increase in Labor support.

The ALP’s primary vote is on 49%, up 5.6% since the election. The Coalition is on 36.5%, the Greens on 7, Family First 1.5 and others and independents six. The two party preferred votes splits 58.5% Labor’s way.

The proportion of Australians who say the country is going in the right direction is 60%, up 6% since election eve.

That soft ukulele music you can hear in the background is Sweet Island of Love.

This latest telephone Morgan Poll on Federal voting intention was conducted on December 5/6, 2007, with an Australia wide cross-section of 1,263 electors. Electors were asked: “If a Federal election for the House of Representatives were being held today – which party would receive your first preference?” Of all electors surveyed, 7.5% did not name a party.