The Sydney Daily Telegraph has a scary, scary graphic charting Labor Lovin’ amongst the heavies on Macquarie Street today, but what about Canberra? Is this the Federal Cabinet with the most members who have slept with one another?

In Western Australia the Libs paid European backpackers to hand out their how-to-vote cards. At one booth, two young politically progressive Germans were horrified to find out that ‘liberal’ in Australia means something other than they expected!

The newly sworn-in Foreign Minister has made a worrying call in his appointment of a certain senior DFAT official as his interim Chief of Staff. The chosen one has close links to the ancien regime – his wife was a long term Downer adviser, he spent the election evening with Downer’s Chief of Staff, and openly admits to having always voted conservative. What was our new top diplomat thinking?

Spotted in the Victorian shop front (on Spring St) for the Parliament of Victoria a Christmas tree covered in Liberal Party decorations… I guess this is the only place they could find to put it.

From somewhere under the grassy knoll: Is it true that Turnbull and a close associate voted for Nelson?