Glyn Davis was sighted in Canberra last week.

Michael Keenan, the sitting member for Stirling, couldn’t rustle up a supporter under 75 to hand out in Perth’s nothern suburbs. What happened to the young Libs?

When John Howard visited the Petrie electorate with Ms Gambaro, they went for morning tea at a Scarborough venue. Elaborate preparations were made and the wannabes were there in droves. Where was John? He was seen having his morning tea whilst sitting outside the venue and inside his vehicle, leaving the crowd scratching their heads and watching the security helicopters overhead.

Hottest gossip at the Walkleys last week… Tony Jones to replace Kerry O’Brien in The 7.30 Report big chair when it resumes after the summer break. If Centrebet’s holding a book on this, put your house on it.

Re. “Tips and rumours” (Friday, item 8). Regarding the story about and who owns it, the answer is already publicly available. go to any WHOIS ISP searchengine on the web. A search for tell us this: Registrant: KIM RICHARDSON 22 KILLOWILL AVE PARADISE POINT, QLD 4216 Australia Registrar: DomainPeople, Inc. Domain Name: Created on… Mon Nov 26 16:44:16 2007 Expires on… Wed Nov 26 16:44:16 2008 Record last updated on .Wed Nov 28 17:51:48 2007 Status… LOCK, Administrative Contact: Domain Hostmaster Domain Hostmaster PO BOX Q1114 QVB, NSW 1230, AU ( )61292835100 ()+61.292835110 [email protected] Technical Contact: Domain Hostmaster Domain Hostmaster PO BOX Q1114 QVB, NSW 1230, AU ( )61292835100 ()+61.292835110 [email protected] Domain servers in listed order: (

Triple blow for MBF Board who recently tripled their Directors’ fees. 1) First Labor replaces private health fund friendly Libs. 2) Explosive health insurance research to be revealed next week by Ibsos reveals only 11% of MBF members believe they’ll be better off after MBF lists vs 29% who believe they’ll be worse off. 3) 14% of MBF members say they’ll change funds if MBF lists on ASX.

On the day the Channel Nine newsroom in Melbourne claimed victory (Friday 30 November, by twisting the figures) in the ratings battle, after a long hard fought year against Seven, the message from the carpet strollers downstairs was not one of congratulations. Instead an email was sent by Michael Venus on their behalf to the newsroom staff telling them the bar was off limits.