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Nov 29, 2007

The Monk’s not mad

Tony Abbott might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a decent bloke, writes Christian Kerr.

A tip of the hat to Tony Jones. This is how he closed his interview with Tony Abbott on Lateline last night:

Tony Abbott, we thank you once again. A hard day at the office. I’ve got to say, you always come in on hard days – some of the hardest days – to talk about it. That is one thing to be admired about you and we thank you very much for coming in once again.

It’s a well deserved acknowledgement. Tony Abbott might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is a decent bloke. The Manly Daily and the Telegraph have both done beat-up yarns on Abbott’s election night drink with former Manly councillor and solicitor Ian MacDonald, his one time campaign manager, who spent three years in jail on fraud-related charges.

Christian values are mocked by Crikey cosmopolitans, and yet forgiveness is still a virtue. MacDonald’s done his time. Abbott showed loyalty and a courage rare in politicians drinking with him.

Abbott’s comments on a future leadership bid have also been beaten up. He has not threatened a challenge. Instead, he has registered an interest should the position become available, in much the same way Peter Reith did when he said he had a baton in his knapsack – maybe when public transport enthusiast Malcolm Turnbull falls under a bus. Or off the platform at Bondi Junction.

Tony Abbott went into politics to make a difference. One person’s evangelist can be another’s mad monk. Abbott can be clumsy, but he’s not dumb. He won’t undermine the leader – and he’ll have more time to work on his people skills in opposition.

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3 thoughts on “The Monk’s not mad

  1. deb

    Abbott’s not dumb????
    Corporal punishment – or violence- is integral to good education in Tony’s wisdom.
    Solution to problems with young people- use violence, brutality, so simple.
    Education system is totally perfect – just blame the kids

  2. David Sanderson

    You’re not a Liberal Party staffer any more Christian. There are plenty of politicians who have left a nasty historical stain and yet at a personal level were charming, likeable and loyal. Abbott’s kick every head you can approach is ugly and distasteful.

  3. Polly

    No one who knows Abbott thinks he’s decent. He’s a prick of the first order. He drank with McDonald not out of loyalty, but because he justified McDonald’s criminal conduct. There are few men less liked in politics, and that’s against stiff competition.