Forget about who will be in the ministry. It is much more interesting to think about who may be in ministerial offices or pushing the policy program paperwork up from the departments.

Will there be a flood of people from the various state Labor administrations? There is already speculation that Mike Kaiser will be Canberra bound. But what about Terry Moran, the head of the Victorian Department of Premier & Cabinet? Will he be the head of PM&C? What about Kevin Rudd’s old friend Glyn Davis, the Vice-Chancellor of Melbourne University? He could find a fit in a government delivering an education revolution.

Who else may be coming to Canberra? Crikey would like to start something to go with our lists of Hawke/Keating and Howard government staff. Send your tips to [email protected].

Mind you, there will have to be some changes to the recruiting ads for senior staff. Yesterday, they were all still carrying lines like “an Australian Workplace Agreement with attractive remuneration and conditions will be negotiated according to qualifications, skills and experience.”