Nov 27, 2007

Bad s-x rears its head … and so forth, etc

The time and place for p-rn, according to Auberon Waugh, is never in Serious Literature. As editor of The Literary Review, Waugh established the Bad S-x in Fiction awards in 1993 and the longlist for my favourite literary award is here!

There is, as you know, both a time and a place for p-rn. The perversion is correctly served as an after dinner mint to the solitary patron by means of packet switching. Then, you clear your cache (oo err) and tell the missus you were checking the super fund.


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3 thoughts on “Bad s-x rears its head … and so forth, etc

  1. Helen Razer

    Actually, I am prop not jet propelled with very modest substructure. Thanks for your concern, nonetheless.

  2. Jack Woodforde

    A prop or propjet Airbus A380? One would like to see that, but one’s concerns multiply nonetheless. Sandilands must be pooping himself.

  3. Jack Woodforde

    Sorry, Helen, but you may well be a wee bit Airbus 380-ish in your fuselage, cockpit, wings, tail, landing gear etc. And passengers, too, perhaps. So what’s the problem?

    Just let the boys on the ground gape. There’s a Biggles within each one.

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