And now the worms turn. Perhaps not today – they’re a bit distracted by the Liberal Party rabble – but soon enough.

The journalists who have been bagged by Coalition toadies and would-be Liberal candidates as a bunch of doctrinaire Howard-haters will start to show their true colours: a good attack dog will attack anybody holding a stick.

Oh, there might be a brief honeymoon but it won’t last long. There are more than enough mediocrities, hacks and time-serving fools within the Labor ranks to start making little messes of things when given the chance – just like their predecessors.

And the Ruddbot expects and needs it. Despite seizing the power to choose his own front bench, he has plenty of favours of his own to repay with jobs for incapable boys and girls rather than on pure merit. The early mistakes will provide the excuses necessary for moving new talent into position a few months down the track.

The media will help target and remove them, as they should. Just as The SMH and the Terror are the opposition in NSW thanks to the Coalition’s utter uselessness, so the press gallery will have a duty to fill the void created by the federal Coalition’s disarray.

It’s something the dolts on both side of parliament never quite understand – most journalists aren’t particularly partisan, they just attack governments of any stripe.

It will be interesting to see which Labor minister is the first to start bagging the ABC for anti-Labor bias. I feel some new board appointments coming on. How about a job for Mike Bailey?

And then there are Howard’s harlots, the Johnny-lovers. This is their hour, not when their Great Leader was swanning around Kirribilli House. The bile reserved for Labor in opposition was thin stuff. Time to dig out mother’s high-grade recipe, the acid that fairly burns upon the page, and wait for the first foibles.

The King is dead, let’s assassinate the King.

Peter Fray

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Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey